1162 Belvedere Drive

Gallatin, TN 37066

9am – 5pm

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1162 Belvedere Drive

Gallatin, TN 37066

9am – 5pm

Monday to Friday

Oldham Insurance Gallatin TN


Learn more about what Annuities are and whether they’re the right choice for you.

Life Insurance

With 20+ options at our disposal, we focus on analyzing each individuals needs and aligning them with the product & company that the best fits their situation.


Trying to understand Medicare and all the options available can be very overwhelming.  While our agency now offers multiple product lines, we started with Medicare 8 yrs ago and can help you decipher the best options.

Health Insurance

When it comes to selecting health insurance options, did you know it costs you no more to use a professional like us vs. doing it yourself? We represent large known companies and can help make the process painless.

About Us

Oldham Insurance is owned and operated by Scott Oldham. Scott not only is the Owner but the primary Sales Representative. We have chosen not to be a full service insurance agency and instead specialize in Medicare, Individual Health, Life, Long Term Care, & Annuities. Agencies that sell Auto insurance are almost forced to specialize in that product line due to the heavy Customer Service demands associated with servicing those customers.

In addition to being experts in our chosen product lines, we also are independent, not associated with just one company. This allows us to personalize a product and company that fits your individual need.

Another advantage of choosing to do business with us is that we use a consultative selling approach, taking whatever time necessary to explain products of interest. Additionally, none of our salespeople will ever use high pressure tactics and if what you have is best for you, we will tell you so and walk away without the sale.

One last benefit of our company is our outstanding customer service. You will have the cell phone number of your sales person and are free to call them anytime you have a question. You may call nights, weekends, or holidays and you will get them (or their personal voice mail) and not have to push buttons and leave a message with a receptionist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to change Doctors or medications if I join a Medicare Advantage plan?

There are different types of Medicare Advantage plans.  The primary types are; HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organizations) which have a network of Doctors that must be used, PPO’s (Preferred Provider Organizations) typically allow members to receive care from any provider they chose but have network providers that offer lower co-pays / co-insurance than out of network providers.   All companies offering Medicare prescription drug coverage have formularies that outline what is covered.  One service Oldham Insurance provides is checking providers and prescriptions to confirm whether or not they are included in a carriers provider directory or formularies prior to enrolling into a plan.

What exactly is “Obamacare”?

Obamacare is a name commonly associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The ACA does two primary things.

  • Set up Essential Health Benefits (EHB) which is a uniform structure all ACA compliant plans must adhere to. This includes the coverage levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum.  It also includes specific items that must be covered for example an annual physical at no cost.
  • The ACA also set up a program that offers subsidies to help pay healthcare insurance premiums. These subsidies are actually tax credits.  Qualifying for subsidy is dependent on income and dependents in a family.    Lower income families may also qualify for cost sharing reductions which lower co-insurance & other out of pocket costs.

What is the difference in Term Insurance & Permanent Life insurance? Which should I buy?

Term is the least expensive type of life insurance.  It provides a set dollar amount, for a specific number of years at a fixed cost.  Permanent insurance is designed to provide protection & flexibility for the entire life of the customer.  Some build cash value, some allow the death face amount to be used for Long Term Care and/or Critical illness’s.  What type is best for you?  It depends.  A young married couple with children would probably be best served by a term policy which would allow the most coverage for the least amount of money.  A middle age empty nester would be a prime candidate for a hybrid permanent policy that provides the ability to access the death benefit amount for possible Long Term Care.

What exactly is an Annuity?

An Annuity is a contract between a consumer and an insurance company.  The consumer agrees to invest money for a specified number of years.  The insurance company agrees to provide a return with the option to receive regular payments from the accumulated funds.  In the case of fixed annuities, the insurance company guarantees that your money will not lose money.  Annuities are not designed to be short term investments and withdrawals during the surrender period or before the age of 59 ½ will likely incur a withdrawal charge.